Coaching - One on One 

There are times during the drawing process where we find we need another opinion or a set of fresh eyes to help evaluate our work and to be guided through to the next step. Sometimes a side by side comparison is a great place to start.

Let me help you through this difficulty by gently guiding you to advise on methods to move forward. You can book a Zoom call with me to have some personalised, one on one coaching to help you over the hump and get you back on track.


I have been tutoring drawing for over a decade, holding regular workshops in my studio and travelling to teach at other venues and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and expertise. 


My speciality are animals including wildlife, horses, dogs and birds in coloured pencil and graphite. 

If you are struggling with a problem in your drawing and need advice on techniques, composition or anatomy to name a few, please feel free to book a call.

Please email through your reference image and your drawing to and we can go from there.