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Concept to Creation - 28 Day Group Coaching Program with Kate Jenvey


Turn your passion for animals into beautiful, realistic coloured pencil drawings with help and guidance through this 28 day coaching program. 

This practical and supportive program will cover many aspects of developing your drawing from your initial thoughts and ideas through to a finished drawing. 

There are only 30 places so plenty of immersive time with me. If you have any questions please contact me at

Next program starts on January 1st 2023

                  Enrolment is now closed
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Enrolment now in Concept to Creation gives you access to the Pre-Preparation course with full course access on December 15th, 2022 ready to begin as a group on January 1st, 2023.

No more procrastination and distraction!  Can you imagine how you will feel when you've created something special and it's no longer on your 'to-do' list. Maybe you feel tired, flat or unmotivated but ironically by creating a beautiful animal drawing that you will be proud of is the solution to alleviate these issues. 

It's time to make this happen and express your knowledge, passion and creativity into a drawing that you will be proud to show to the world and to make this happen don't miss this opportunity to get coached by me in my Concept to Creation Coaching Program. 

Once the course opens up you will gain access to all the modules which include downloads, videos and PDFs, and 5 live coaching calls with me, plus more. You will be able to move through the modules at your own pace,  with support from me so allow 2-4 hours each week to get the tasks done. 


Course outline:

MODULE 1 - Planning and Preparation

In this first week I'm going to help you with your choice of pencils, papers and tools. How to develop an artistic mindset, how to use the correct reference photos, picking your perfect subject, sketching out ideas and discussing anatomy.



MODULE 2 - Developing Colour Skills

In module 2 I will help you feel confident about colour and how to develop your tonal skills by looking closely at light and shade, directional and ambient light sources, this leads into developing a deeper colour knowledge, fun exercise by mixing with 3 primary colours and looking closely at composition. 

MODULE 3 - Developing Pencil Strokes

In Module 3 the work begins on developing the drawing into a 3-dimensional subject. I will guide you to start working up your line drawing with directional strokes using the correct pressure and type of stroke using your tonal and colour knowledge gained in Module 2. I will teach you how important edges are in creating a realistic subject and focusing on specific details like eyes, noses, ears, fur and whiskers. 

MODULE 4. - Finishing and Refinement

In this final module the drawing will be finished and refined and aiming to create life and soul into your subject. This includes rechecking and refining values, colour and anatomy by self-critiquing your work using certain tools and seeking advice from supportive and knowledgeable peers. Presentation and ongoing projects will also be discussed. 


Included resources:  Workbooks, templates, downloads, reference images, 5 live Zoom calls with me, secret Members Only Facebook group and special bonuses!

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