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FREE Coloured Pencil Starter Guide!

How to use coloured pencils to draw beautiful and realistic animals!

5 helpful tips to begin your coloured pencil journey drawing animals. 

Get instant access to this FREE 5 step course that will introduce you to a variety of pencils, papers, tools and techniques to help you get started.


I remember the overwhelm that I felt as I began with my coloured pencils and then found that the knowledge I gained from understanding my tools and their application was so beneficial to my drawing.

These 5 tips will help guide you through the early process of selecting pencils, paper and tools and to help build a foundation of coloured pencil attributes and techniques.


Take your love of animals and turn it into beautiful and realistic drawings that you can 

share with the world, changing your life and others!



1. How do I choose the right pencils?

2. How do I choose the right paper?

3. What sharpeners, erasers and other tools can I use?

4. What coloured pencils are best for drawing animals?

5. How do I build up layers for realistic looking fur?


Once you start this wonderful drawing journey you will not want to stop as you discover the joy and peaceful mindset from exploring our amazing animal kingdom with your pencils. 


More Freebies! 

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