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At the end of teaching a two-day workshop, I like to think we all come away with some new insights, not only in our artwork but also within ourselves. I, for one, always learn so much and I enjoy imparting that new knowledge with others. In short, one essential requirement in growing your drawing ability is to be consistent. Start with a plan of where you would like to be by the end of the year and work towards it in small steps because they add up to giant leaps forward! I emphasised the importance of completing small scale sketches/drawings on a regular basis, if time is an issue, and slowly developing it to larger pieces. The advantage is: 1) you are practising and therefore gaining experience, 2) you are finishing something and 3) most importantly, you are becoming disciplined to a regular, if not daily, routine which is so important. A small sketch book is cheap to buy and have in a handy place, it also keeps the work in one place (part of being organised) and it helps track your journey forward. You don't have to share this work with anyone else, it can just be to grow your own creativity.

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