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I recently cleaned out my store room and removed some old drawings from their frames and I was quite dismayed to see how yellow the paper had gone in thirty odd years since they were framed. One reason could be the quality of the paper I used, the old Spirax cartridge paper and the other is that the framer had placed plain grey cardboard as the backing board. If these papers or board are not acid free the paper will yellow and get quite brittle over time, like these have. Thankfully today, people and framers are more aware of using acid free materials, it is a must as you are doing yourself and your clients a disservice on quality if you don't. All my drawings are done on acid free paper, mostly Arches watercolour cotton rag and are therefore fully archival to a few hundred years. Always check before you buy and look for the infinity symbol which also signifies acid free! And as always... happy drawing :)


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