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From the moment I took the photos of this lovely line of Lighthorses, I knew there was a nice drawing waiting to be created and eventually "Tribute" came into being. This year at the Man From Snowy River Festival Art Show the theme section was "Commemorating World War 1 Lighthorses", this was just the prompt I needed to begin the drawing. It was quite demanding in it's detail and in capturing the varied textures and also in the time it took to finish but I was happy with it in the end. I was so honoured when it won First Prize in the theme section against all media. This was not a monterary award but the words from the judge were priceless to me: "Extremely confident and informed execution of this appealing but demanding composition. Great control of graphite and tonal values. Evokes a strong sense of patience, trust and love". I am always elated when graphite is recognised on an equal footing at an art show.

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