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Spring is here!

Driving into town yesterday I noticed a Masked Lapwing huddled on the ground in strange pose, her wings fanned out, umbrella like... she must have young under there I thought! I drove home and grabbed my camera as I have always wanted to photograph these cute baby birds, they look like pompom's on stilts. Sure enough there were two little ones prowling the grass for nibbles, so cute! Shortly afterwards, an alarm call went out from both parents, the babies dropped to the ground and went into camouflage mode as a hawk flew overhead. One parent was already airborne and in hot pursuit of the hawk, screeching fiercely. It worked and the predator flew away, the male lapwing landed calmly and the babies resurfaced to continue to fossick for grubs. It amazes me some of the places these Lapwings will raise their young, such as the hospital grounds and the so close to the roadside, dangerous places for ground-dwelling birds. I hope these young ones make it safely through to adulthood but one thing is for certain, the parents are ever vigilant and great protectors and will give them every chance.

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