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It doesn't matter how often I enter art exhibitions, it is always such a thrill to receive the email that says "Congratulations, your artwork has been accepted into... " This year I have set my goals on a few high level art exhibitions and the acceptance last week into the Society of Animal Artists annual 'Art and the Animal' exhibition in Houston, Texas, was more than exciting. Not only am I humbled to be amongst such esteemed company but I am so delighted that my artwork was a colour pencil drawing inspired from a special moment whilst on safari in Zimbabwe last year. One of those precious times when the stars align and you are witness to something special and it made drawing the scene such a pleasure. A dawn breakfast was interrupted by a sighting of a cheetah at a visible waterhole. With much haste, we grabbed our cameras and launched ourselves into the vehicle to witness a quiet moment in the life of this magnificent creature. After his drink, he assessed his surroundings and wandered over to a termite mound to sit in the warm morning sun. After some time, he paused, stretched and then quietly moved off to start his day and I wondered what it would entail.

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