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Myrtleford Gallery

I was so delighted to receive a phone call today to say that I had sold my first two pieces through the new gallery at Myrtleford, Victoria after it being open only a few months. My charcoal drawing of defiant mother elephant called 'Defender' and a small colour pencil drawing of an Eastern Spinebill sitting on a blossom branch called 'Pretty amongst Pink' have both found new homes. It takes time and patience to begin a new business and I have a feeling that once the word spreads further afield that this gallery will do very well as it carries a lovely selection of realistic art.

At the end of November I taught a coloured pencil workshop at the gallery which was well attended by a group of enthusiastic participants and a fun weekend was had by all. This was the first of many workshops that will be held by me and other artists at the gallery in the future.

Below are the images of the drawings sold.

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