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Drawing tutorials

During the winter months I committed myself to completing a few projects that have been on my 'to do' list for far too long. One of the projects was to complete some drawing tutorials on the fundamentals of drawing and some basic techniques to using coloured pencils.

I finished four altogether and will continue to add to them in due course. These tutorials are all step by step in pdf format so that they can be downloaded and/or printed out. The first one in graphite involves turning a circle outline into a three dimensional sphere using the correct values and edges to render the sphere correctly. It is the foundational principles to drawing correctly and finding form. The second tutorial in graphite is on the process I use to draw in whiskers and the example is drawing whiskers on a tiger.

The two tutorials in coloured pencil is a kick starter for beginners by simplifying it down to three primary colours. This helps establish a feel for layering and blending without the complexity of too many colours. The first one involves some basic exercises with circles and the second one is using the same primary colours to render an apple.

If you happen to purchase one or more of these lessons, I would love your feedback!

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