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New oil paints- M Graham oils

Over the years I have become increasingly sensitive to the fumes oil paint and it's accompanying solvents produce, especially in a confined space with little or no ventilation, as in the studio during the winter months.

The idea to change to another product that is solvent free introduces a few dilemmas when you are comfortable with the product you have been using for many years. Will the pigments be similar? Will it behave, mix and blend in a similar way? I like a challenge but also become concerned with the time the trial and errors will take to become familiar with a new product. Should I change to acrylics or water soluble oils? So many questions to answer.

After much research, I decided to try the M Graham solvent free oils which use walnut oil as the vehicle to carry the pigment. The colours look very similar to Winsor and Newton oils and they seem very appropriate to my needs. So I ordered a nice selection of colours and the walnut oil and walnut oil/alkyd medium. Now to try them out...

Using a limited palette of three primary colours, Ultramarine blue, Alizarin and Cad. Yellow Light, I played around and mixed them together and with Titanium white.

I had fun and I'm impressed with their vibrancy and flow. I know there will be differences but that's natural and will be part of the learning experience. Now to get painting!

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