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Best in Show Award

With the beautiful spring weather enticing us to get out and about, many towns including my own, celebrate by having a Spring Festival. Activities include a street parade, fireworks, a huge market in the gardens and an art show.

I always love to support our annual local art show and this year I was also delighted to deliver work on behalf of four of my students as well, who had all produced some wonderful work.

This year I had the honour of being awarded Best in Show with a coloured pencil drawing that I had completed earlier in the year. It is quite a profound experience to have a work selected to be the best in an art show and also it is a huge step forward for coloured pencil being recognised as a fine art medium and it can hold its own at an art show.

The drawing depicted a mounted light horseman with bowed head holding our flag. I have great respect for the people involved in maintaining a presence of the light horse so that we continue to remember their incredible importance in the history of our country.

I titled the drawing "Reverence" out of respect for all those involved in our wartime history and for those who continue the honour the existence of the light horse today.

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