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Explore This! 15

An international online exhibition called Explore This! is organised annually by The Color Pencil Society of America and invites coloured pencil artists to explore using other media along with their colour pencils. I was delighted that my entry was accepted again this year.

I enjoy entering this exhibition as it takes me away from my usual colour pencil work and my entry for this year had me explore two other media, gold leaf and graphite with the colour pencil.

My main subject was a moving giraffe and I incorporated a tribal pattern behind the giraffe using graphite and the gold leaf. I filled in the background softly by filing colour pencil on to the paper and rubbing it in with a tissue, giving it a hazy finish.

I feel I would have never done this piece if it hadn't been for this exhibition and I look forward to experimenting with the use of other media with colour pencils to get some unusual results.

"Golden Hour" Colour pencil, gold leaf and graphite, 10" x 14"

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