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ABC Focus

To give my students an active art focus as a kickstart for the year, I created an ABC theme to work towards. The criteria is a weekly artwork of any size, any medium and no time constraint but the subject must start with the weekly alphabet letter beginning with A for the first week of January and so on.

This focus is such fun and has been so well received and the 26 weeks will take us through to June. I think X might be an interesting week!

For me it is an opportunity to paint some smaller works and loosen up. I will aim to do them in one sitting so that I don't fuss with detail, so a good focus for me as well and great fun to do it with a group.

Why don't you make a small group too and have a fun focus with your art?

My collage below is made up of my first 4 weeks: Angus (unfinished) Bison, Cougar and Dik Dik (only time for a quick sketch!)

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