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April Painting Challenge

I set myself a goal this month of painting 30 horse paintings in 30 days and the reason for doing this is multiple and all will be beneficial. After changing my long term oil paints to a non solvent brand, I have had to adjust to mixing slightly different colours and it was especially evident to me when trying to paint horses and mix up colour for bays and chestnuts. The consistency of daily painting will help with this problem.

Amongst my large photo collection, I have a great variety of horse reference that has been sitting in folders unused for years, so another good reason to paint horses and have these lovely images visible to all.

I felt if I had a time limit each day I would not overthink or overwork the studies and this has proven to be the case. The gessoed boards allow for quick work and the textured surface prevents me from putting in too much detail.

Hopefully I will be able to experiment more with my style, I have some ideas and hope to apply them soon.

Halfway through the month and 15 paintings later, I have thoroughly enjoyed this exercise. The consistency and discipline has also been so beneficial.

The First 8 Paintings

The next 7 paintings

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