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Wildlife Photography

One of the best aspects of being a wildlife artist and one I adhere to, is to spend time out in the wild, feeling and breathing the wilderness. So much of the experience is then transferred into my artwork, the sights and sounds and the interactions between the animals.

I am blessed to have the ability to travel back to Africa where my passion for the wildlife lies the most and I take the opportunity whenever I can. A large part of my reference gathering is with photographs, this ensures I capture much of the detail that I desire in my work.

One thing I have sadly lacked is knowledge of my advanced camera settings and I have therefore always yearned to take a photography workshop with a wildlife photographer. As serendipity would have it, I met Greg du Toit in Namibia last year and as Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2013, it was perfect to organise a trip with him as my tutor.

Spending 4 days at Mala Mala in South Africa and 4 in Botswana at Mashatu was a perfect mix to see the most stunning predators Africa. Greg's patience and generosity with his knowledge elevated my photography skills and encouraged me to try some creative photography as well.

I feel very enriched by the experience and will continue to practice to hone my skills so that I continue to improve and that the process becomes more natural. Here are some of the photos from my trip.

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