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Art Gallery on Ovens

Mid year a new opportunity came my way to take my art journey in a new direction. The plan was to open a new art gallery in the neighbouring regional town of Wangaratta in north east Victoria.

Set up under a different model to most galleries, it will be run by a group of 12 resident artists who will exhibit their work on a constantly rotating basis by having group exhibitions and two solo exhibitions each year. This means that an artist will always be at the gallery and all proceeds from sales go directly back to the artist. Also available will be a space for guest artists to hire and display their work in the main gallery through an application process.

After much hard work and planning we opened our doors on 20th September with a group exhibition called "Convergence". We were overwhelmed with the support and attendance from friends and the community with over 300 people coming out to enjoy our celebrations on a warm and welcoming evening.

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