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A Wonderful Start to the Year!

Twice a year I run a group coaching course for 28 days, Concept to Creation, once in January and then again in July where the participants move through a course and create a realistic animal drawing from their idea, the concept, through the training of the course and finish with a coloured pencil drawing, the creation. 

Each new intake of students is different, they hail from all over the world and come together to learn and share their love of drawing animals in coloured pencil with my coaching. The group that has just finished established some lovely friendships and were a wonderful support to each other and they did an amazing job with their drawings, it is so rewarding to see these results. 

From a tutoring point of view, it is unknown the level of experience the students may have but I have designed the course to accommodate from beginners through to intermediate levels and it works well.  

There is a bit of consistent work expected with tasks to complete but these help establish a commitment to drawing and develop foundational skills that will last a lifetime and then the fun begins with their chosen subject to design and create a drawing they will be proud of. 

It is an honour to coach these artists for a month and here are three lovely testimonials from the last session, it is so rewarding to hear these words.

“This is the perfect course for anyone wanting to learn all aspects of coloured pencil drawing, regardless of abilities.

Your generous input (Kate) in to our art journeys is much appreciated and I, personally, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know I wouldn’t be where I am now, if it weren’t for you” 

Adrienne W.

“I have made a start on Mia, I’m trying watercolour paper for the first time, and trying to be as light in pressure as Kate doing the tiger. I’ve used pastelmat and drafting film in the past…

… Needless to say I’m am finding Kate’s C2C completely different and I’m absolutely loving it. I want to work from life sketches and studies for my paintings. To feel the work is all my own from idea to planning, to finished piece, it is so much more rewarding”

Debs H. 

“ - I need to say just how valuable for me, your descriptions are in module 3. I know I’m still not ready to draw a complete animal in coloured pencils, as it is so new to me - but I feel ready to individually tackle some eyes and fur and so on, and then build to a complete drawing. 

I believe your attention to detail and how you describe building up images, such as the shadows in the fur being more important than individual fur strokes - for the en masse application of fur clumps, is going to help my painting I believe.

Thank you”

Randi R.

It warms my heart to hear these words and to think I have made a difference in their art journeys. It has been a wonderful and fulfilling start to the year and fabulous to know these artists are on their way to achieving more amazing results.

If you are interested in this course for the next intake in July, please register your interest here: Concept to Creation

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