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Coloured Pencil & Graphite Animal Artists

This is the name of a new Facebook Group I have started and I welcome you to join if you think it would be of interest to you. It is a place to share your works in progress as well as finished work and get feedback from a lovely supportive and likeminded group of artists, all of whom are at different stages in their drawing journeys.

I felt a need to have a specific group for the mediums of coloured pencil and graphite where certain issues can arise with pencil and paper combinations and the more informative the group can become the better.

The group is generalised to animals to include wildlife, birds, reptiles as well as domestic animals.

There are a few group rules to adhere to but other than that just a great place to share your drawings, your struggles and your triumphs and to ask questions and for help. I look forward to seeing you there!


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