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Concept to Creation - 28 Day Group Coaching Program with Kate Jenvey

Coloured pencil as a medium has so many attributes, they are vibrant, clean and perfect for detail but they do have their challenges such as layering and blending of colours and the application of the pencils.

Also there are so many choices with a multitude of pencil brands, a huge selection of surfaces to use plus a variety of other tools and mediums that can be used in conjunction with the pencils. All this can become a bit overwhelming and on top of that there can be issues with proportions, colour mixing, using photo references, mindset and much, much more.

If you find yourself procrastinating or getting stuck with certain areas of coloured pencil then this program is tailored to you! Read on to find out what is included in the course and how it can help you!

This comprehensive program covers all the above issues and much more within in a group coaching course and it is limited to 30 participants so that each member receives the support and help to move forward with their coloured pencil drawings within an accountable structure.

The program runs for 28 days covering one module per week but allowing for the flexibility to move forward with confidence if you are able and it is self study within a group situation.

Module 1 moves through the initial concept of the drawing from the tools of the trade, mindset, sketches, photos, anatomy and research plus some tasks to accomplish.

Module 2 covers tonal values, light and shade, design and an introduction to colour including set tasks for the week.

Module 3 is the start of the detailed coloured pencil drawing on quality paper of your chosen animal subject. The module covers colours to select for the subject, application with strokes, blending, layering, edges and looking for accuracy throughout. Animal details such as eyes, ears, noses, fur and whiskers are covered.

Module 4 continues on with finishing and refining the drawing so that you bring your animal to life and learn to self-critique your work to maintain accuracy and following up with continued practice.

The program includes downloadable workbooks, supporting videos, templates and a weekly live coaching call with me along with a secret Facebook group and course community where art, ideas, help and support are shared. Plus added bonuses for participants.

This has been my most exciting venture with my online school and has proven to be highly successful with participants loving the flow of the course and the support and friendship they have gained along with new knowledge and accomplishments. Most importantly they will have a finished coloured pencil drawing at the end of 28 days that they will be proud of... what more could you ask for!

The program will be running again in July with enrolments opening in June, so if you are keen to join please register your interest with me now at and I will make sure you are notified for enrolment.


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