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How to photograph a drawing on black paper with a smart phone

Usually when we photograph our artwork our tendency is to fill the frame to get the most detail but by doing that you can clearly see in the first image what happens with black paper and a white drawing as the camera tries to average out those colours sending it quite grey/brown and completely changes the original colour.

So it's best to move away to a distance where you get the true colour of your image and then you can crop it afterwards and that smaller size is fine for social media where you want a smaller resolution anyway.

If you need a high resolution for your portfolio you are best to use a DSLR camera or change your colour settings in your phone or maybe scan it for better quality.

So definitely move away to a reasonable distance for a better quality colour for your image on black paper.

* These photos were taken seconds apart, the only difference was the height of the camera from the artwork.

To view the video description on this topic, please click here


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