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Join Me for an Artistic Motivation Challenge!

As an artist, I know that maintaining a positive artistic mindset can sometimes be challenging. There are days when we feel uninspired, frustrated, or self-critical. However, I have designed this course to help eliminate fears and frustrations and give you steps to establish a positive mindset which is the key to creating meaningful and fulfilling art. By joining the challenge, it's fun to begin the change with other like-minded artists who feel the same.

Motivational Tips

To help you maintain a positive artistic mindset, here are some ways I recommend incorporating the following practices into your creative routine:

  • Being conscious of our mindset and maintaining positivity regarding our art.

  • Look at habits to start and habits to stop.

  • Identifying our fears: An important step not to be underestimated. Sometimes the fears are subtle but can have a huge effect on our thought process.

  • Collect inspirational quotes. 

  • Learn to be brave: Don't be afraid to fail, you will… you have to, it's part of learning. It’s only a piece of paper, start again, and you will have learned something. Do it afraid and do it anyway.

  • Filter comments.

  • Change negative thoughts to positive ones.

  • Beware of perfectionism, a little bit is okay but too much can hold you back.

Motivational words for artists
Artistic Motivation

30 Ways to Find & Keep Artistic Motivation

If you are enjoying these tips, join the challenge in June for ’30 Ways to Find and Keep Artistic Motivation’ which includes an inspirational video tip each day, an exclusive Facebook Group to share your progress and stay accountable, and a workbook to keep track of your progress and as a record of your growth.

During this challenge, I will be going live in the Facebook Group every day and draw out of a hat a small prompt for you to create. This will encourage a regular art habit and promote future ideas when artist's block appears.

This is a paid challenge for only $27. If you are a member of the Animal Artists Academy this course is available to you in the academy.

To join the challenge and develop your artistic mindset, click here:

Look forward to seeing you there!


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