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Keeping Artistic Motivation - 'The War of Art'

Often when creating our artwork a major concern is the application and techniques of using the medium successfully but just as important in our artistic journey is managing our mindset and remaining inspired and motivated.

I have been creating art my whole life and have therefore moved through the many different chapters and all they have to offer... work, births, deaths and marriages and much more! Managing my mindset to stay creative has been paramount for me as I find an overwhelming sense of achievement, serenity and learning when I am creating.

When you fall into an artistic slump or feel like you are procrastinating, and we all do at some point, it can become prolonged and then frustrating and it can be difficult to become motivated again. Over the years I have found ways that have helped me kick-start myself and remain on track. We all need support through these stages of our artistic journey especially as it is such a solitary pursuit and sometimes family and friends that are not art-minded cannot offer the right support. Please reach out to me if you find yourself in this position, it is not much fun travelling this road on your own.

I find the maintenance of mindset one of the most fascinating aspects of my artistic life. Among other methods I use, I find reading books and related information to have a profound and positive influence on my mind.

A wonderful book is 'The War of Art' by Steven Pressfield. He boldly points out our distractions and fears that can hinder our progress and then points us in the right direction, a very worthy read and highly recommended.

Here is an Amazon link for the book; It is an affiliate link where I earn a small commission from your purchase, thank you in advance if you do!

As you can see my copy is well read and I find it beneficial to just pick it up and read snippets for support if needed. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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