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Leopard finds a home in Africa

Three years ago I was invited to participate in an international wildlife exhibition in Namibia, with sales of the artwork to benefit wildlife conservation and an orphanage. I took this opportunity to visit this beautiful country and along with my daughter, we spent a wonderful time visiting the stunning far north on safari after the exhibition.

The graphite drawing I entered in the exhibition was of a leopard, a female that was raising a young cub on a beautiful private conservancy in Botswana. The mother had made a kill overnight and having fed herself, she was relaxing in the dappled light of a thorny bush watching her thriving cub enjoying the feast.

There were quite a few sales over the exhibition but mine was not one of them so the drawing was kindly sent to the Fine Art Gallery in Swakopmund to be on display until sold. Three years on and the leopard has found its forever home and the proceeds will go to the original benefactors. This sale was very special for me to not only support conservation this way but that the leopard was sold in Africa.

African wildlife is my utmost passion in art and each and every piece is from my own experience out in the African wild and I love to share that special moment with others. Where I live in Australia my art is received with mixed reactions, some people just don't understand why I choose African wildlife and that is fine, I draw what I love.

For me to have had my art on display in Africa, to be able to attend the exhibition and to have the drawing find its home over there is a dream come true.


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