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Reflections on 2020

Wow... what a year it was! Nature has rebelled for our blatant abuse of her precious resources especially her wildlife. Mistreat that and the whole world will pay and pay we did.

It has caused us to slow down and reflect on the fact that we cannot continue the way we are going. As an individual we can all contribute, even a small amount, to help preserve the remaining wilderness of our extraordinary earth.

From my perspective the year began in early January with a gorgeous soul joining our family and that was the sweet Gus, worming his way deeply into my heart by his loyalty, obedience and fun loving nature. My precious pandemic puppy has given my great joy throughout this disrupted year.

Then the bushfires struck and thick smoke blanketed the area for weeks. Such heartache for so many, wildlife lost in extraordinary numbers and countless people and communities affected. Another sign that Nature is not happy. Even though I had an evacuation notice, the wind change turned the fire back on itself and fortunately remained miles from me. Nonetheless it brings home how quickly circumstances can change and the most beloved items that you would take in an emergency.

A few weeks later the first ripples of Covid-19 were emerging and then taking hold on the world. No need to elaborate on that as so much has already been said. From my perspective, it made me realise that I live in the right place as I was largely unaffected by the lockdown and for that, I am extremely grateful. Being an introvert, I enjoy the quiet and absorbed my time with my art, another blessing to get through such a strange year.

In May our artist's trip to Zambia had to be postponed which was very sad, as was my second planned trip to Africa in August with friends. That being said, it is a small compensation to make compared to others.

I managed to conduct my workshops online and after a few technical hiccups we all connected and did many months this way which was a terrific way to stay connected and motivated with our art.

A year of changes and developing flexibility, many good things have also come from this change. I am extremely grateful to those that bought work, to my gorgeous students that put in an amazing effort to create new and often challenging artwork and to my online supporters who always encourage me to continue with my chosen field of art.

All in all... a year to remember!

A collection of some of my artwork from 2020

The day Gus arrived


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