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Solo exhibition - Art for Survival

As a resident artist of Art Gallery on Ovens in Wangaratta I am granted a solo exhibition every year for two weeks which I curate, hang and man myself, a bonus being that I get to meet and interact with all my visitors.

This years solo was titled Art for Survival and the whole body of work had the theme of African wildlife. I was a bit dubious as to how this would be received in a country town in Australia but soon had my doubts quelled by the prompt sale of two pieces within an hour of opening and the streams of visitors that came through! I am truly grateful to all those who took the time to visit and left my heart full with the kind and supporting comments, it is very encouraging and fulfilling.

Africa is a land full of excitement, amazing landscapes and stunning wildlife and when you visit there you realise it more than just a place and you leave feeling deeply touched by something more. For me it is my birthplace, my heritage and my inspiration.

In the current circumstances many in Africa are struggling without the visitors, the safari camps are empty and much of the employment and opportunities associated with this industry are at a standstill. Many of the conservation groups need more support and as African wildlife has given me so much in my life, I have chosen to give back through this exhibition. Part of the proceeds from sales will be donated to many of the amazing conservation groups who go to extraordinary lengths to preserve and protect the African wildlife.

I am deeply grateful for the continued dedication from these groups who help preserve our precious wildlife.

Art for Survival - supporting these Conservation Groups:

African Wildlife Foundation

African Wildlife Conservation Fund

Painted Dog Conservation

Cheetah Conservation

Rhino Trust Namibia

African Conservation Centre-Rebuilding the Pride

Love of Wildlife

The Thin Green Line Foundation


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