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Tiger tutorial in coloured pencil

Two of the most common difficulties that arise with drawing animals in coloured pencil are colour choices and fur and are often requested as tutorials. As I'm now better equipped technically, I was able to film a short tutorial for my Academy members using a tiger as a perfect subject.

The tiger is an ideal animal as it has a striking coat pattern with the black stripes and the bright orange fur drifts from short to long and changes colour from orange to ochres to white, so much to explore here.

Starting with the eye and moving on to the stripes, discovering the rich black mixes that can be developed and then working on the fur around the head moving across the neck to the longer fur. The direction and length of strokes that follow the growth pattern of the fur are essential for creating realism.

The image is supplied so that members can draw it themselves and the videos were short and to the point to follow along step by step. If you would like to be a member to enjoy this tutorial and much more, you can check it out here:

Here is a sneak peek at some of the steps.

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