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A Coloured Pencil Course for Beginners: Creating Lifelike Animal Drawings

Are you eager to awaken your creative potential and express yourself through art?


Look no further! Welcome to my A Coloured Pencil Course for Beginners – the perfect gateway to your artistic journey drawing animals with coloured pencils.

This course gently guides you through pencils, paper, tools, using photo references, pencil application, selecting colours, values and so much more! 

Included are 4 real-time tutorials to build your confidence and prepare you to be the best coloured pencil artist possible.

All this content is packed into this wonderful course for $37.

The Complete Coloured Pencil Toolkit: Resources, Templates and Tips for Success

Are you ready to elevate your coloured pencil artistry to new heights? Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting your journey, "The Complete Colored Pencil Toolkit" is your ultimate companion to unlock your creative potential and master the art of colored pencils.


This mighty mini-course is packed with resources, templates and tips designed especially to answer many of the questions you have when starting on your coloured pencil journey.

I know, I have been there too and I wish I had had these resources to help me progress without floundering around finding out what worked and what didn't work. 


I have put together this collection of downloadable templates along with tasks and tips to help you achieve fabulous results and streamline your success as a coloured pencil artist. 

There are multiple video tips and templates to expand your knowledge of colour in an easy-to-use manner.

Once you enroll, you'll enjoy lifetime access to all course materials and updates.

Beyond Paper: Coloured Pencil Techniques on Two Surfaces

These two courses delve into the captivating world of coloured pencil techniques on two unique surfaces: Drafting Film and Pastelmat.

Through a carefully curated series of video lessons, and interactive demonstrations with reference photo included, you will gain a deep understanding of how to make coloured pencils come to life on non-traditional surfaces.

To purchase separately these two courses would be $34 but bundled together in this special offer for only $27. 

Mastering Fur Drawing: Essentials of White and Black Fur

Drawing white fur and black fur can be quite challenging when using coloured pencils and in these two videos, I have addressed some of these challenges to simplify the process and make drawing fur a pleasure. 

Follow the demonstration of drawing white fur on white paper and realise how straightforward it is as we create this gorgeous white wolf portrait.

This gorgeous dog's soulful eyes captivated me plus his beautiful fur was the perfect subject for demonstrating black fur with coloured pencils.

To purchase separately these two courses would be $29 but bundled together in this special offer for only $25 PLUS there is a bonus mini course on mixing different colours for black fur subjects.


What every Animal Artist ought to know about Photographs and Artwork

Do you struggle to take good images of your artwork?


This course covers taking high-resolution images with a DSLR indoors and outdoors and how to get the best images from your smartphone.

In a world where many moments are worth capturing, this course is designed to help you not only master the art of photography but also harness the power of your photos to create stunning works of art. 

Ready to take the first step towards attaining good command of your photography and artistry skills? This course is only AUD$17.

How and when to create a background with coloured pencils

Do you struggle with backgrounds for your coloured pencil drawings?

When do I add a background? What sort of background should I put in? What colour paper should I use?

This short course will provide many answers to these questions and give you ideas on when and what to do with backgrounds for your coloured pencil drawings. 

This helpful course is only $9!

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