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Welcome to my online courses!

Let me help you create your own coloured pencil artwork that you will be proud to share with the world and help with the challenges that coloured pencils can present. 

I have been tutoring drawing for over a decade, holding regular workshops in my studio, and travelling to teach at other venues.


I enjoy teaching and love to share with you the things I wished I had known when I first started out! 

Get your FREE coloured pencil starter course!​

Do you want to draw beautiful and realistic animals in coloured pencil and don't know where to start?

                                      Well, this course is for you!

Made up of 5 helpful tips, this course has short, to-the-point videos, packed with relevant information to help you start your coloured pencil journey to drawing animals.


Kate Jenvey is an award-winning coloured pencil artist, that has been exhibiting her artwork on a national and international basis for many years. 

Kate is an art tutor and through her online courses, has a flourishing student community that she helps to advance their drawing skills and knowledge to produce their own successful drawings.

Kate is a resident artist and director of a local art gallery that runs a mentorship program for young artists.

A Coloured Pencil Course for Beginners: Creating Lifelike Animal Drawings

Are you eager to awaken your creative potential and express yourself through art?


This course gently guides you through pencils, paper, tools, using photo references, pencil application, selecting colours, values and so much more! 

Included are 4 easy-to-follow, real-time tutorials to build your confidence and prepare you to be the best coloured pencil artist possible.

Once purchased you have lifetime access to the course so that you can return to any part of it for a refresher when needed. 

Concept to Creation - 28-Day Group Coaching Program with Kate Jenvey
 Register your interest for the next intake - next program starts 1st July 2024

Turn your passion for animals into beautiful, realistic coloured pencil drawings with help and personal guidance from me through this 28-day coaching program. 

This practical and supportive program will cover many aspects of developing your drawing from your initial thoughts and ideas through to a finished drawing un just 4 weeks. Join a community of fun, friendly and like-minded artists as you move through the course together enjoying support and friendship along the way. This course is only AUD $127 including workbooks, templates, pdf's, live coaching calls and much more!

There are only 30 places to allow for plenty of immersive time with me. If you have any questions please contact me at

Animal Artists Academy

For those of you who would like to take your drawing to the next level. Here you will get access to all courses and tutorials plus enjoy a live monthly Q & A call with me, group challenges, critique sessions and join an exclusive members-only Facebook Group, plus much more for AUD$27/month!

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