Animal Artists Academy

Courses and resources for the coloured pencil animal artist!


Get immediate access to all of my courses, tutorials, reference photos and a monthly Q & A call with me personally for only AUD$9 a month!

Being a coloured pencil artist can be frustrating at times, so much to learn, so many pencils to choose from, let alone the surfaces and tools that are available and so much time working in solitude... phew! 


The Animal Artists Academy is a place where you can network with like-minded artists, make friends and get support with any questions you may have about animal subjects, coloured pencils or materials in the monthly Q & A Zoom call.

As a bonus join an exclusive members only group of fellow artist in a secret Facebook Group where you can network, make friends and share your work.

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Upcoming events for 2022... plus more!

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Every month has a focus which is added as a tutorial to the academy. These will range from exploring different textures, colour mixes or the materials we work with. An added bonus are live workshops, virtual studio times together and much more!

Below are some of the courses and tutorials in the Academy, what are you waiting for, join us now to enjoy all the academy has to offer and remember you can cancel anytime if it's not for you. 

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