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Kate Jenvey's Animal Artists Academy

Welcome to the Animal Artists Academy Membership!

Are you passionate about animals and art? Do you dream of creating stunning, lifelike drawings of your favourite animals?


Then the Animal Artists Academy Membership is the perfect place for you!

My membership program is designed to help aspiring animal artists of all levels develop their skills with coloured pencils, connect with like-minded individuals, and achieve their artistic goals.

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2024 is up and running, how exciting!

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Here are the events for this year laid out in an easy-to-see order.


Besides the monthly live call with me, there are some interesting and fun challenges planned, these help develop drawing skills as well as add a touch of discipline and accountability for members. 

In addition, there will be some workshops and virtual studios, if you would like some company whilst drawing, and some new tutorials that can be viewed at your leisure. 

So excited and looking forward to all the year has to offer!


"So, thank you Kate, for your awesome guidance, encouragement, patience and all those wonderful challenges." - Adrienne

"I really appreciate all of the members in your group Kate, for the supportive feedback they all give. But the best thing that happened, was that I was encouraged to step outside of my comfort zone, by you Kate, and Jill. I really appreciate all of the members in your group Kate, for the supportive feedback they all give." - Helen

In the Academy you are going to find:

As a member of the Animal Artists Academy, you will have immediate access to a wealth of resources, including:

  • Step-by-step tutorials: I will guide you through each step of the artistic process, from sketching and shading to colour theory and composition. You'll learn the techniques and tips you need to create realistic and engaging animal artwork in coloured pencil.

  • Live monthly Q & A session: a place where you can get immediate answers to the questions you need resolved. 

  • Live classes and critiques: I host live classes and critiques so you can get personalized feedback on your artwork and ask questions in real time.

  • Community support: You'll join a community of animal art enthusiasts who share your passion for animals and creativity. You'll be able to connect with other members, share your work, and get inspired by the amazing art being created by your peers.

  • Exclusive content: As a member, you'll have access to exclusive content, including a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process of successful animal artists.

  • Discounts on special courses:  Concept to Creation is my foundational group coaching program and as a member, you will be offered a discount to join this course.

    I have founded this community to help you advance in your coloured pencil journey with a commitment to practice from yourself along with the support of fellow artists.


The quality of your artwork is the core to your development as an artist and therefore yourself.

But creating the attributes required can be a struggle…


  • you find it difficult to be motivated

  • there is no consistency in your work

  • you feel alone when working

  • other artists draw much better than you


You can find it a struggle to source subject matter to work on.


You worry that your drawing won’t be good enough and this can only lead to dissatisfaction and artistic fatigue.


People want to see drawings that touch emotions within themselves. They want to connect with the subject and desire it to be in their home and part of their lives.


When you have conquered these skills your audience will be connected with you and your artwork.


I have seen so many artists struggle with these elements.


This is why I have created the membership for you.


The Animal Artists Academy takes you on an artistic journey to become the best artist you can be at your own pace and within a community with the same goals as you.


This membership will build your drawing skills from a foundation of exercises and tools within a safe environment and with a touch of accountability.


Live Q & A call - A monthly live Zoom call where I answer all your coloured pencil related questions & replay library

Online courses and tutorials - Some foundational tutorials on specific animals and areas of interest and motivational support

Group challenges - These are additional group activities to dip into creative or motivational skills with the other members

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Video Tips - Short, to-the-point tips on coloured pencil tools and techniques to help fast track your learning process


An exclusive member only Facebook group - Your very own peer group where you can safely share your thoughts and artwork and receive support and feedback.

Kate-Jenvey-tiger 08 365.jpeg

Reference photos - A collection of my own photos from my travels for you to use at your leisure

Who's behind the Academy?

Let's introduce Kate and her team!

That's right, Kate's two offsiders are Teddy (lapping it up) and Gus (big and beautiful). 

How does that work? In Kates's words:

"My two trusty companions keep me grounded and I try to follow their philosophy on life. That is:

  • they have unconditional love for me and are always happy to see me even when I'm late home

  • they live in the moment

  • they are loyal and trustworthy

  • they keep me fit, we love our morning walk

  • they stretch first thing in the morning 😂

These are great guidelines to live life by and I apply them to my business as well."


When you have mastered the skills you will feel confident to take on any project and see the boundless opportunities that lie ahead for you.

                                                       Invest in yourself with this small monthly fee to do bigger and better things!

Cancel anytime- no questions asked

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