A pre packed pencil kit with art supplies suitable for graphite work including the tutorials.

This is the same pencil and paper combination that I use on most of graphite pencil artworks and the basics required for an upcoming tutorial that will be available on this website soon.

Price: $30.00 includes shipping/tracking within Australia
  • Details

    Included in the pack: 

    Arches smooth watercolour paper, size A4, 300gsm x 2 
    Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencil:
    - 2B x 1
    - 3B x 1 
    Staedtler kneadable eraser x 1
    Staedtler vinyl eraser x 1

    Arches paper is ideal for graphite work as it will take many layers and a fair bit of erasing. The pencils are high grade and consistent in their refinement, no nasty gritty bits to ruin your work!

    Price: $30.00 includes shipping/tracking within Australia
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