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I have had to step out of the studio for this week and take care of two delightful little people so my art has come to a full stop. I did however ship a coloured pencil drawing off to Canberra for the Wildlife Art @ Discovery Exhibition, May 14th-18th, 2014. I only heard of this show in March and when I saw they had a special section for endangered species, I decided to draw a Tasmanian Devil. Now these ferocious little creatures are not very attractive, they seem to be all head and neck but that power serves them well in their feeding habits. Their population is so ravaged by the facial tumours that have inflicted them that special breeding programs are in place to try and bring their numbers and health back to sustainable levels. I must say, that after researching and spending many hours of drawing on this little fellow, I developed a real fondness for them. I will try and make the trip to Canberra to be part of the symposium that runs for the duration of the show.

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