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Selected as finalist in 15th International ARC Salon

Receiving over 4,300 entries from 73 countries the Art Renewal Centre finalists have been selected and I am thrilled to bits that my drawing of the African Wild Dog 'The Edge of Dusk' is one of them.

On receiving my notification, I have extracted an excerpt from the email as follows:

"When talking about competitions and exhibitions dedicated to 21st Century Realism, The International ARC Salon is the largest in the world in terms of entries, and the most diverse in terms of categories and international participation. This makes the International ARC Salon Competition the most influential and far reaching competition for Contemporary Realism in the world..."

For me this is profound as I struggled enormously throughout high school and for decades to follow by drawing realistically and having my work frowned upon because it was not abstract enough. My high school art teacher had stated to me that I would never getting anywhere drawing the way I did which was deflating at the time but in hindsight it spurred me on to pursue art for myself and to where my passion lay, the drawing of African wildlife. It is highly fulfilling to have my drawing come full circle.

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