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Mastering Fur Drawing:Essentials of Black & White Fur

Drawing fur in coloured pencil can have its challenges and two of the most difficult colours to master are black fur and white fur and so I have put together a package of two courses to cover both these types of fur. 

How to draw white fur and black fur in coloured pencil
Mastering Fur Drawing

White Fur

White fur on white paper in particular can pose a dilemma for some people and this course helps to alleviate the most common concerns by breaking down the steps on drawing white fur to explain the process for approaching this subject and surface. White fur contains many colours other than white as it reflects the surrounding environment making it an intriguing fur to draw. The subtle shadows created by the fur and the anatomy of the animal also introduce many other interesting colours. 

The subject I chose was a white wolf that I photographed at a wolf rescue centre in Montana. The wolf has a contented look that was a delight to capture and the dark eyes and nose contrast nicely with the white fur. There are many soft and subtle colours contained within the fur and I mostly used the white of the paper for the whites of the fur. This drawing is done using Polychromos on Arches hot-pressed watercolour paper. 

Black Fur

Also included in the package is a course on drawing black fur with a gorgeous dog with soulful eyes and interesting wavy fur as the subject. Black fur also reflects surrounding colours and is best built up using warm and cool colours, depending on the type of fur and light, along with black to create nice rich black fur. The step-by-step video lessons show the layering and blending of colours to create this lovely dog portrait. The pencils used in the demonstration are Polychromos on Arches hot-pressed watercolour paper and both reference photos and material list are included.

Normally these 2 courses purchased individually would be AUD$29 but together they are only AUD$25 with a bonus mini-course ‘Black Fur-colour mixes’ included in the package. 

Once purchased you have lifetime access to the course and can return to them anytime to revisit and refresh any part of the course you may need to. 

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