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Superb Post

This past weekend I had a 2-day workshop in colour pencil with Australian birds as our inspiration. The colourful plumage of our birds is a delight to capture with the array of vibrant colours that is on offer from our full sets of pencils. Again, the mix of brands of pencils brought by students produces different results and it is always clear that the top quality brands are by far the best. I use Caran d'ache Prismalos which are a superior quality and combined with good paper, such as Arches watercolour 300gsm, I get lovely results. With this combination, I can attain many layers and get very dense pigment. During the last two weeks I have been working on and off on my piece and it is finally finished. I have many Superb wrens here in my garden and the males are beautiful in their spring plumage and are always a tempting subject.

This is "Superb Post", 5.5" x 7".

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