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Pencil Shavings

For much of the last few weeks my artwork has been taken up with drawing and as I emptied my pencil sharpner's contents out, I thought it was a good testament to the "pencil miles" I have done recently. In early August I received an email from the U.S. inviting me to submit some work to an art show that will be juried and that has a western theme. There was a slight panic from me as I do not regularly have western subjects in my inventory and I had only about 5 weeks before the deadline. Fortunately, I had a colour pencil elk finished from last year and another of a bison nearly complete so I had to knuckle down and draw a couple more pieces so that I had at least 4 to send in for judging. All went well and I got my entry in on time... so now a wait for the results at the end of the month! I also received some great news that I had been juried in and promoted to signature status to the Society of Animal Artists... yay!

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