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Mountain Oyster Club Art Show

It's exciting when an opportunity presents itself that helps extend you as an artist. This happened to me in early August when I was invited to send images for jury into the Mountain Oyster Club Art Show to be held in Tucson, Arizona. The invitation stated that my artwork had been seen in the gallery in Jackson and would fit in with the theme of their show, the only trouble being that I had to send new work and there was a time limit of 6 weeks until entries closed! I do not have much western subject matter in my inventory so I had to get cracking as I decided to use graphite and colour pencil as my mediums and both are quite time consuming. Luckily I already had one finished piece and another half done which helped. The prestige of the show put pressure on me to focus and create the best work I could in the time frame. In the end I submitted four images and was so thrilled to have had three of them selected... whoo hoo! The show is well worth browsing through, an amazing collection of western and wildlife art and here is the direct link to my page:

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