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My name is Sioux

I saw this gorgeous horse during my travels in the western United States and have been looking forward to capturing him on paper ever since. He walked up to me in a casual and unassuming manner as if to introduce himself which led me to name the drawing "My name is Sioux", a slight play on words from the Johnny Cash song! This drawing was started in July and due to its large size, I have worked on it, off and on, for a few months and only just finished it in November. It did require many layers to achieve the black colouring of his body. I used my favourite Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencils, 2B and 3B on Arches aquarelle and it is the full sheet in size at 22"x 30". This drawing will be my feature piece at the upcoming Morning Rotary Art Show in January 2018. Below are some progress shots in varying degrees of light taken with the phone camera, so my apologies for some of the poor images.

Finished drawing...

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