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Kayamoja International Wildlife Art Exhibition

Opening on April 12th in Windhoek, Namibia was the first international wildlife art exhibition organised by the Kayamoja Art Trust, supporting the Save the Rhino Trust and the Hope Village Orphanage. I felt very privileged to have been invited to participate in this exhibition and to be able to attend this amazing event and collection of outstanding wildlife art. The evening was warm and balmy, the art was presented in a gorgeous space, tasty food and wine was served and as a bonus, a few of the other artists were in attendance and it was delightful to meet them and spend time with them. I am in full admiration of the founder and instigator, Annika Funke, who had the vision and passion to see plan, organise and see this event through to a fabulous finale.

The exhibition has now moved to Swapokmund, Namibia and is online:

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