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Textures in drawing

My first studio workshop after returning from Africa had the theme of 'Tantalising Textures'. Whatever we draw realistically, it is about capturing the texture of our subject with a pencil, along with creating the form. The light that falls on the surface of the subject dictates the resulting finish that is required, whether it is reflective, shiny, rough or dull. Sometimes I will choose a subject to draw that has many textures and becomes a challenge to render the different surfaces correctly, as in my latest piece of two harnessed horses. The textures involved here are the shiny coat of the horses, their velvety noses, the long hair of their manes, the shiny metal plates and the leather harness. The important things to consider are the values and edges of these different surfaces so that they are portrayed convincingly. As this piece is quite detailed I chose to use a new paper for the first time called Lana aquarelle. It is made in France, 300gsm and very smooth, more so than the Arches hot pressed. I chose to use Caran d'Ache Grafwood pencils and am loving this combination. Here is a work in progress photo, still a way to go yet.

Work in progress

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