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A Year in Review

As 2021 drew to a close I decided to reflect on things I was proud of getting done through this difficult year. I was hoping to stretch the list to around 20 and as I began to write them down I surprised myself and made it to 48! I felt quite uplifted when I read the list and made the year seem productive and worthwhile even though it had it's turbulent times.

We often dwell on goal setting and resolutions for the new year but I also feel it’s important to be proud of our achievements too as it gives us a sense of accomplishment and purpose heading in to the next year.

Mindset and a positive attitude are definitely a help to get through the tough times and I get a major kick out of knowing that I'm helping people discover the joy of art and the wonderful joy it brings to their lives.

Some of the favourites on my list were:

  • Launching my online school and courses

  • Launching my Animal Artists Academy

  • Creating my own Facebook group for animal artists

  • Having a successful solo and donating to conservation groups

  • Having some amazing art sales

  • Sponsoring a girl's education in Mozambique

  • Walked 5 kms to support rangers and wildlife

Let’s hope 2022 is even better! Happy New Year to all!


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