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New Coloured Pencil Drawing Underway

My favourite combination of pencils and paper for coloured pencil drawings are Polychromos and Arches hot-pressed watercolour paper 300gsm and I am excited to have started a new drawing using this combination.


This current drawing is inspired by my recent safari where we were able to spend a few days watching a pride of lions that were residing near our camp. There were 12 cubs of mixed ages with 5 lionesses taking care of them. The beauty of seeing them each day was watching the interactions and the family dynamics of the group, quite entertaining at times. 

This scene occurred when the lionesses had returned from a hunting mission and her cubs were delighted by her return. I chose to crop the image to enhance the intimacy of the moment.  

Here is my progress so far which shows the stages of each session and how I build up the layers and colours. I have maintained a fairly limited palette of colours to keep harmony within the drawing. Still quite a way to go but loving every minute of it. 

Lioness and cub snuggling together in coloured pencil
New coloured pencil drawing underway


My choice of colours for this drawing are warm ochres and some reds for the main body of both animals and cooler blues and violets for the shadow areas. The sun was just rising and lit the cub's face, a nice contrast to his cooler body and the lioness glowed with warmth which accentuated her powerful build. My next step is to get the colours and values accurate to portray this effectively. Stay tuned!


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