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The inspiration behind my latest drawing

In 2015 my daughter and I travelled to Zimbabwe for a safari adventure and we weren't disappointed! We visited three camps that offered different landscapes, cultures and wildlife.

Our second camp was located within Hwange National Park, the home to vast herds of elephants and a wonderful variety of plains animals plus predators including lions, leopards and cheetahs. I have no expectations of what I might see when I'm on safari and in many ways, that is part of the excitement just letting the wild unfold each day and being a witness to its beauty.

Seeing lions is always an exceptional experience, not only for their commanding presence but as numbers have dwindled, it now has become more difficult to see them compared to the plentiful numbers there were in my childhood, so each and every sighting is special.

We came across a pride in the Linkwasha area and watched them for quite some time as they were up and active after feeding on an overnight kill. The guide mentioned some of this pride was strongly related to Cecil, the magnificent male lion that had recently been lured out of the protection of the park and tragically killed by a trophy hunter. This pride certainly carried the strength and presence that Cecil had.

After some playful antics and family bonding three of the lionesses moved to a termite mound to rest in the dappled shade. They were relaxed but alert with any movement catching their attention. Each one exuded strength and power and unity within themselves, they were indeed the 'Powerhouse of the Pride', providing for the males and the younger family members.

It was a privilege to be in their company on that sunny morning on safari. My time with them is etched in my soul and I am so proud to be able to honour their existence within my drawing.

Graphite drawing of three powerful lionesses in the wild
Powerhouse of the Pride

'Powerhouse of the Pride'

Graphite on Arches aquarelle, 56 x 76cm (22" x 30")


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